Saturday, 17 November 2012

It's Been A While,

Mood: Sleepy, just woke up. (Apparently my brain wont let me sleep past 8:00 anymore)
Wearing: Pj pants, black tank (what I slept in)
Where: In bed, with the snuggle monster (Penny)
Listening to: Samson- Regina Spektor
<<<<< >>> Music to cry to.

How Have I been?

I have been fantastic! I've been super busy with my horse McGoo, school, work. Life in general has been wild. A new pony was just switched into my horses field so I plan on going out and spending the day with him and his new field buddy Pretzel (I'll post pics of her later). Heres a dashing pic of McGuinty for now!

Last month I did something I've wanted to do for a while! I finally got my lip pierced. It honestly didn't hurt. My septum stung like a mother effer. My lip piercing hurt less than my ear piercings tbh.The pain was quick and then it was done. My new piercing looks a little something like this....

I also went crazy and cut my bangs straight across. I really like them. My dad says they make me look "More artistic" . My friend Kenzie says I have a "Sexy fringe"... I prefer the term "Bangable Bangs" lol

Halloween, my favorite day of the year, was last month. SOoOoOoOo, I went all out and dressed Like a zombie, and looked a litttle something like this.

So thats pretty much all you have missed <3 Luvyaalllllllll. <3 Have a great day!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm Sorry For My Absence!

Mood: Bored and feeling guilty for not blogging lately. HUNGRY
Wearing: Black Polo and Jeans *NOOO SOCKS :)*
Where: My Room, In the A.C. Avoiding the sun. 
Listening to: Sweet Drunk Everyone- Cats and Cats and Cats
<<<>>> Desperately trying to stray from metal. This is beautiful :3

Okay, so i have not updated recently. I`m feeling horrible for it too! I have been working full time *I`m an avian care giver* and I have also been seriously busy with my horsie. Anywho, heres what you missed.

Sinny the Green Winged Macaw (Whom I Train)

It was also my birthday, so I treated myself to a new pair of Vans and riding boots.

You Can Never Have Too Many VANS!

Ariat Riding Boots <3 

My Lovely Horsie McGuinty 

(Who needs a boyfriend when you have this handsome guy in your life?)

And thats pretty much all you missed!! I my lifee :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Family Gathering!

Mood: Pretty tired
Where: Living room,
Wearing: Flannel and Woe Is Me shirt. Oh and super sexy sockss.
Listening to: Lilith- Chelsea Grin

   Okay, so my parents decided to drag me out to this family thing which was kinda dull.

Penny In The Car

   Anyways, I sat in the blistering heat while everyone gave me a hard time about wearing jeans and flannel in the middle of summer. Whats a Piss Off. I also got to hold two babies *more than once* which was terrifying as hell, but still pretty neat (I lack any kind of mothering instinct and always worry I`m going to drop babies). 
   One cool fact about me is my younger cousin and I are really close. He`s awesome. 

Super Cool Cousin 

    After much coaxing my cousin convinced me to try longboarding with him (last time i tried i failed). Turns out i had a lot of fun.

Not falling on my face like a bauss:) 

   It was amazingg, Longboarding = <3
Im soo getting a longboard... Like asap.

   Btw, I made a discovery today. Do you know what the worst thing that happens ever is.!? When youre eating cookies and milk and your cookine is to wide to fit into the glass! Its horrible.. 

Eating Fail.

Well thats what I did on this annoyingly nice day. When i could have been sleeping in my nice air conditioned   room... :(

Friday, 8 June 2012


Mood: Energetic, caffeine buzz man.
Where: Living room
Wearing: Brothers Flannel (Stole it off his back and it smells like him, lol)  and jeans,
Listening To: Sorry You're Not A Winner- Enter Shikari

   Okay, so a lot of things involving hair today. A managed to force myself to attend school today as well. Anyways. My dogs both went to the groomers today and are now looking very cute.

Penny And Tina Before

Penny And Tina Afterwards

   After school I was feeling very bored and rebellious. First of all you should know that i have naturally very curly hair, and it is currently dyed red. After getting home I was looking for a snack and much to my surprise found a bottle of manic panic blue dye. 

   Well Im sure you can imagine where this is going. Anyways,  Dyed part of my hair blue :3 

Crazy Goopy Stuff On My Hair

"Blued" On My Hands

New Hairr

   Anyways here comes a big weekend, I guess you'll have to wait to find out about it!!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

And Introduction To My Life

Mood: Lazy
Where am I: At home, in my bedroom.
Wearing: Pajamas 
Listening To: Gnf- Like Moths To Flames

    Okay, so I have finally done it, thanks to endless harassment from my friend 
her blog is >>><<< Check this shit out.
I have finally began blogging again. So I should probably start with a bit of information about me right? Im nearly 16, have two dogs whom I love beyond what is normal, go to school and would like to become a funeral director. I have serious love for music, particularly metal. I hate whales. I love piercings, tattoos books, flannel and animals.

Now For Something cute.

Okay so I figured I should start out by telling you about the best thing that has happened to me my whole life. This little beauty is my 4 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She is my absolute soulmate, as I write this, she is on my lap.  

My cousin (she actually is married to my actual cousin, but lets just call her my cousin too) recently had a baby, and i was dragged to her baby shower. The morning began by my aunt chastising me for showing up dressed in flannel and a Metallica shirt *with vans on* we packed up and headed for my cousins fathers girfriends house (where the shower was being held.) Due to the fact that my mother didn't want me to talk the whole drive about school, music, how to embalm a body and how much I hate the world the whole drive she let me choose the radio station. This was quite amusing to me, because I managed to force a bunch of uptight old women to listen to metal the whole drive. 

Finally we arrived at my cousins, dads girlfriends house, where I spent most of the afternoon making small talk with stuffy old ladies, chowing down on tons of food, and talking to stuffy old women. By the way I just thought i should include that this was not a normal house, it was a full out mansion, with an indoor swimming pool hired help and all. Crazy right? Finally everyone began to leave and my cousins, dads aunt (named Lori) let her dogs inside.

   As a serious animal over I automatically got down on the floor and started cuddling with her one dog. Every one (including the hired help) was amazed by our connection. I still remember how my cousin looked at me and just said `Wow, she loves you, she never does this with people``. The dog named Peeah, was in my lap when suddenly Lori, her owner, came in and saw us. Much to my surprise Lori was planning on moving into an apartment.

   There was only one problem with moving into an apartment, Lori couldn't keep her dogs anymore. At this discovery I informed Lori that I would happily take her home with me. After my cousin myself *and even Lori`s family* begged her for a while Lori agreed to let us have Peeah (who is now named Penny). Much to my dad and brothers shock, we arrived home with a dog.

   The rest is history, that`s how I got my best friend. We have had Penny for about 2 months now, and I couldn't love anyone or thing more. 

   Hope you got some joy from this :3